How to Save Money on Thatched Roof Property Insurance

Thatched roof properties can be notoriously expensive to insurance. The main reason being that the cost of rebuilding/repairing a thatched roof takes specialist expertise that fewer and fewer people have.

The good news is that if you’re thinking of buying a thatched roof property there are some very reliable ways to keep costs down.

With this in mind, below are some of the best ways to save money thatched roof property insurance.

Make the property secure

Security is always something you should make a priority if you’re looking to save money on property insurance. Insurance providers will always consider how likely your property is to be targeted by thieves, vandals and arsonists when calculating the cost of a policy so you should take any steps you can to make your property more secure.

A good way to make your property secure is by getting good locks on doors and windows. It’s also a good idea to improve privacy, by getting curtains or bifold door blinds if you have bifold doors. Grey bifold door blinds are popular due to being inconspicuous but still being classy.

Get a lot of quotes

This one should be obvious. Quotes can vary greatly from one insurance provider to the next so you should never simply take out the first policy you’re offered as you could easily find cover cheaper elsewhere.

Sites such asĀ  make it very easy to get quotes from specialist providers of thatched roof property insurance.

Have a full electrical inspection carried out

This is extremely important, not just for saving money on insurance but also for your own safety and peace of mind. When you first purchase a thatched roof property you want to take any steps you can to lower the risk of fire. Getting a full electrical inspection carried out by a professional is one of the best ways to do this.

Schedule regular chimney cleaning

Regular chimney cleaning/inspections are vital when you have a thatched roof property. Soot building up in the chimney flue is a very common cause of fire damage in thatched roof properties. If you’re currently looking to buy a thatched roof property then one of the most important questions to ask is when the chimney was last cleaned/inspected.

Have the state of the roof inspected by a professional

One of the major expenses that’s associated with owning a thatched roof property is having the roof maintained. Therefore insurance providers will be very keen to know what the state of the roof is like before they offer you a policy. For this reason it’s a very good idea to have the roof of the property inspected so you’re able to inform insurance providers of its current condition.