How to Transport a Horse Safely

If you own a horse, or multiple horses, then being able to transport them safely is very important. Horses are large, heavy, expensive animals so safety is always a big concern when transporting them.

Below are some tips for transporting a horse safely.

Invest in the right equipment

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The two main options for transporting a horse are –

  • A horse trailer – A horse trailer is exactly what it sounds like a provides a simple and effective way to transport a horse by attaching a trailer to your existing vehicle.
  • A horsebox – A horsebox is a specially designed vehicle that’s used for transporting horses. Unlike a horse trailer, with a horsebox, the cabin and the trailer for the horse are combined into one vehicle. Horseboxes provide the best protection but they do cost more and will need to be insured with a special policy.

Make sure your vehicle is powerful enough to pull a horse trailer

If you use a horse trailer then you should be sure that your vehicle is powerful enough to tow it. Most cars should be up to the job but some electric cars might not have the required power so if you are an electric car owner, you should find out for sure.

Get the right cover

Whether you have a horsebox or a horse trailer, getting the right cover is essential. It’s always recommended that you get insurance from a specialist provider since they’ll be able to offer you the best price and a policy that’s highly tailored to your needs. There are many sites where you can get horsebox and horse trailer insurance quotes easily, such as Multiquote Horsebox.

Make security a priority

As well as getting the right cover for your horsebox or horse trailer, you should also take any steps you can to make them secure. Ideally you will be able to store your horsebox/trailer in a securely locked garage in order to prevent the risk of theft. If you do get a horsebox then it’s also a good idea to install a tracker so if it is stolen, you’ll be able to recover it with the help of the police.