5 Ways to Make Your Business Premises Secure

If you run your own business then you need to ensure that your business premises is secure and not likely to be targeted by thieves and vandals.

Break ins and vandalism to your building can be very expensive to rectify and even if you have good insurance, it’s better to avoid claims so your premium doesn’t go up.

With this in mind, below are some of the best ways to make your business premises secure.

1. Install CCTV

CCTV is always a good idea in order to make your premises more secure. Depending on where your business is located, there might already be CCTV in operation, for example if you own a shop in a retail park. If not though, you should certainly invest in CCTV as it serves as a good deterrent to would-be thieves and vandals. Be sure that the CCTV cameras are installed in the right locations i.e. above doors and windows where thieves could gain access to your building.

2. Install security lighting

Security lights are another excellent way to make your business premises more secure. Most criminals prefer to operate in a discreet manner so any light or noise is often enough to deter them. Security lights that only switch on when they sense movement are an excellent choice and can be installed relatively inexpensively.

3. Get an alarm

A security alarm for your building is a must. There are many that you can choose from, starting with very simple alarms to more complex security systems. Which you get will depend on your budget and the level of protection you want but you should certainly have some type of alarm in place if you want to reduce the risk of your premises being targeted by criminals.

4. Make your premises hard to access when closed

One of the best ways to make your premises secure during closing hours is to make it hard to access. If you have a wall around your premises then you should consider having barb wire or metal spikes installed. When combined with other security measures such as CCTV, security lighting and an alarm, it will make your premises that much safer.

As well as making your business hard to access, you should also consider general privacy. Blinds are an excellent way to make your premises more secure so people cannot see in. You can get blinds for windows as well as bifold door blinds to make your property more safe.

5. Get the right cover

Although having good insurance won’t make your premises more secure in itself, it will ensure that if any damage were to occur to your building, you’d be fully compensated for the repair costs. There are many excellent providers of shop insurance online so you shouldn’t have trouble finding cover at a good price.